Watch on ROKU

Watch the tournament on your TV through your ROKU device


Step 1:

Follow this link to access the Add Channel Roku site.

Step 2:

Click "Add Channel" as shown below

Step 3:

Click OK as shown below

Step 4:

Click "Yes, add channel"

You should be able to access the channel now. Follow the directions as shown below to access the channel.

Step 5:

After you open the app on your ROKU, you can select the mat you wish to watch from the home screen. If the app asks you to sign in, you will need to purchase the match from this website first (GO HERE). Once purchased, check your Email for your reciept. In your reciept will be a code starting with a "T". Enter this code into the ROKU app to complete your access.


The Lancer Smith Roku Channel is a non-certified channel. This is due to timing issues getting approved status prior to release. This channel has been tested and will work on your device. Follow instructions above to access this channel. No information is being collected by this channel.